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A Day in the Life of Bye Bye Birdie's Matt Doyle

Matt Doyle is on a tear these days. The 22 year-old talent, who made his debut in the fervently followed Spring Awakening, is currently giving an utterly lovable performance as jilted boyfriend Hugo Peabody in Roundabout Theatre Company's revival of Bye Bye Birdie, the musical theater classic about rock'n'roll mania in small town Ohio. He's also got an ongoing gig on one of the trendiest TV confections to hit the small screen since The O.C., namely the CW's Gossip Girl. But while his nights include Broadway appearances alongside headliners like John Stamos and Bill Irwin and glimpses of himself on prime-time TV, Doyle's days aren't that different from those of your average big-city twentysomething. (Well, maybe the autograph part...). spent a day with the budding star to see what life on the rise is all about.

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