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Exclusive! Go Behind the Scenes with Lea Salonga, Norm Lewis, Patina Miller & the Concert Cast of Ragtime

Ragtime- Ali Ewolt -Lea Salonga- Ann Harada
An excited Ali Ewolt and Ann Harada bookend their former Les Miserables co-star Lea Salonga backstage at Lincoln Center.

About This Gallery

Lea Salogna, Norm Lewis, Patina Miller & more starred in a concert production of Ragtime at Lincoln Center on February 18, 2013.

Photographer: Bruce Glikas, ©

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Ragtime- Stafford Arima- Norm Lewis- Lea Salonga- Manoel Felciano
Ragtime- Lea Salonga- Lynn Ahrens- Stafford Arima- Stephen Flaherty- Terrence McNally
Ragtime- Lilla Crawford- Manoel Felciano
Ragtime- Tyne Daly- Terrence McNally
Ragtime- Howard McGillin – Kerry Butler
Ragtime- Patina Miller- Terrence McNally- Norm Lewis
Ragtime- Phillip Boykin- Matt Cavenaugh- Michael McCormick - Michael Arden - Manoel Felciano -Jarrod Emick
 Ragtime- Lea Salonga – Howard McGillin
Ragtime- Norm Lewis- Jarrod Emick
Ragtime-Norm Lewis- Lea Salonga- Stephen Flaherty- Lynn Ahrens- Stafford Arima- Howard McGillin
Ragtime- Norm Lewis- Sheilah Walker
Ragtime- Manoel Felciano- Lea Salonga
 Ragtime- Phillip Boykin- Norm Lewis
Ragtime- Ali Ewolt -Lea Salonga- Ann Harada
Ragtime- Lilla Crawford- Joshua - Lewis Grosso
Ragtime- Lea Salonga – Jose Llana
Ragtime- Jose Llana - Matt Cavenaugh- Jarrod Emick- Michael Arden
Ragtime- NaTasha Yvette Williams- Patina Miller- Dick Latessa- Kerry Butler
 Ragtime- Lilla Crawford- Kerry Butler- Segi Mazzarino
Ragtime- Joshua- Norm Lewis
Ragtime- Manoel Felciano- Betsy Wolfe- Andrew Samonsky
Ragtime- Victor Lirio and Lea Salonga
Ragtime- Dick Latessa
Ragtime- Lewis Grosso- Lea Salonga
Ragtime- Lilla Crawford- Brynn O’Malley
Ragtime- Stafford Arima- Tyne Daly
Ragtime- Norm Lewis – Patina Miller
Ragtime- Ragtime