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Exclusive! Go Behind the Scenes with Lea Salonga, Norm Lewis, Patina Miller & the Concert Cast of Ragtime

Ragtime- Stafford Arima- Norm Lewis- Lea Salonga- Manoel Felciano
Director Stafford Arima can’t get enough of Ragtime leading players Norm Lewis (Coalhouse Walker Jr.), Lea Salonga (Mother) and Manoel Felciano (Tateh).

About This Gallery

Lea Salogna, Norm Lewis, Patina Miller & more starred in a concert production of Ragtime at Lincoln Center on February 18, 2013.

Photographer: Bruce Glikas, ©

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Ragtime- Stafford Arima- Norm Lewis- Lea Salonga- Manoel Felciano
Ragtime- Lea Salonga- Lynn Ahrens- Stafford Arima- Stephen Flaherty- Terrence McNally
Ragtime- Lilla Crawford- Manoel Felciano
Ragtime- Tyne Daly- Terrence McNally
Ragtime- Howard McGillin – Kerry Butler
Ragtime- Patina Miller- Terrence McNally- Norm Lewis
Ragtime- Phillip Boykin- Matt Cavenaugh- Michael McCormick - Michael Arden - Manoel Felciano -Jarrod Emick
 Ragtime- Lea Salonga – Howard McGillin
Ragtime- Norm Lewis- Jarrod Emick
Ragtime-Norm Lewis- Lea Salonga- Stephen Flaherty- Lynn Ahrens- Stafford Arima- Howard McGillin
Ragtime- Norm Lewis- Sheilah Walker
Ragtime- Manoel Felciano- Lea Salonga
 Ragtime- Phillip Boykin- Norm Lewis
Ragtime- Ali Ewolt -Lea Salonga- Ann Harada
Ragtime- Lilla Crawford- Joshua - Lewis Grosso
Ragtime- Lea Salonga – Jose Llana
Ragtime- Jose Llana - Matt Cavenaugh- Jarrod Emick- Michael Arden
Ragtime- NaTasha Yvette Williams- Patina Miller- Dick Latessa- Kerry Butler
 Ragtime- Lilla Crawford- Kerry Butler- Segi Mazzarino
Ragtime- Joshua- Norm Lewis
Ragtime- Manoel Felciano- Betsy Wolfe- Andrew Samonsky
Ragtime- Victor Lirio and Lea Salonga
Ragtime- Dick Latessa
Ragtime- Lewis Grosso- Lea Salonga
Ragtime- Lilla Crawford- Brynn O’Malley
Ragtime- Stafford Arima- Tyne Daly
Ragtime- Norm Lewis – Patina Miller
Ragtime- Ragtime