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Melissa Etheridge Shines Like the Sun at 9 to 5

The cast of Broadway’s 9 to 5 is used to having Grammy Award-winning blondes around the Marquis Theatre—composer Dolly Parton makes frequent appearances, natch—but the show added another to the list on July 8: Melissa Etheridge. Girl power abounded when the famed singer, songwriter and activist hit up the production, especially since Etheridge headed backstage to goof around with leading ladies Allison Janney, Megan Hilty and Stephanie J. Block. The feminine foursome shared compliments and congratulations, with the 9 to 5ers making sure their guest felt right at home at the office. Then the whole bunch clocked out together, wrapping up another night on the Great White Way. Judging by the photos, we can safely assume Etheridge thinks her new Broadway pals rock. Click here to see the starry meeting!

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