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The King of the Universe makes His debut in "Broadway's Newest Hit!" (NBC-TV) An Act of God is a 90-minute comedy where God, in the form of Emmy and Golden Globe Award winner Jim Parsons (star of The Big Bang Theory), reveals the mysteries of the Bible and answers some of the deepest questions that have plagued mankind since Creation. 

An Act of God is 90 minutes, with no intermission. Please note: Performances begin promptly. Late seating is at the discretion of management.

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The new comedy An Act of God reveals the mysteries of the Bible while answering the existential questions that have plagued mankind since Creation — in just 90 minutes. The One with the first and last word on everything is on Broadway to set the record straight… and He's not holding back!


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"GOD BLESS JIM PARSONS! The sheer absurdity of the situation makes the offbeat humor tailor-made for Parsons, a master of the deadpan stare and droll comic delivery. “You’re just lucky I’m the Lord God,” he admonishes latecomers, “and not Patti LuPone.” Parsons is such a personable performer that he can hold the floor pretty much on his own, dazzling us with his chatty charm. But for the sake of drama, it’s a relief from pure monologue when the Archangel Michael (Christopher Fitzgerald) challenges the Lord God with tough questions, supposedly suggested by audience members."


Marilyn Stasio

"There aren’t many lies you can tell about God that organized religion hasn’t told already: He is loving; He rewards the faithful; He is a He; and the biggest crock of all—that He exists. And yet comedy writer David Javerbaum (formerly of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart) finds new ways to make the Supreme Being his sock puppet in AN ACT OF GOD, this summer’s blithely blasphemous occupant at Studio 54. In this divine visitation from the Unmoved Mover, the always charming Jim Parsons will make a disbeliever out of you."

Time Out New York

David Cote

"WICKEDLY IRREVERENT! JIM PARSONS GIVES A TOUR-DE FORCE PERFORMANCE IN THIS HILARIOUS NEW COMEDY! Displaying the expert comic timing and delivery that's won him numerous television awards, Parsons here delivers a tour-de-force turn in which he fully commands the stage for 90 wickedly clever minutes. Director Joe Mantello's sterling production features a lavish set designed by Scott Pask, marked by a grand staircase seemingly leading up to Heaven, with Hugh Vanstone's lighting and Fitz Patton's sound design adding greatly to the ethereal effect. Tim Kazurinsky and Christopher Fitzgerald provide terrific deadpan comic support."

The Hollywood Reporter

Frank Scheck

"DELIRIOUSLY, DIVINELY FUNNY! JIM PARSONS IS PERFECTION! If God were really as adorable and funny as Jim Parsons, perhaps many more of us would be minding our morals, rapaciously atoning for our sins and generally doing unto others as we would like to be done unto, all in the hopes of a breezy welcome at the pearly gates. For now — praise be! — in a history-making metaphysical transformation, Mr. Parsons has been temporarily inhabited by the spirit of the Lord. Yes, God himself is in residence at Studio 54, of all sin-haunted places, holding forth on matter of faith and folly to peals of raucous laughter. How funny is the guy? He’s Jon Stewart funny, plus Stephen Colbert funny. Yes, he’s divinely funny."

The New York Times

Charles Isherwood

"JIM PARSONS’ GOD IS LIKE SHELDON COOPER AFTER A FEW DOUBLE ESPRESSOS—snide and sarcastic, and now with the power to turn you into a pillar of salt!"

NBC New York

Robert Kahn

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