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¡Americano! Tickets

New World Stages - Stage Three

The new musical ¡Americano! tells the true story of Tony Valdovinos.

This show is closed.

Performances ended on Jun. 19, 2022.

New World Stages - Stage Three

340 West 50th Street
New York, NY 10019

Previews Mar 31, 2022
Opening May 1, 2022
Closing Jun 19, 2022


Growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, Tony is inspired by the events of 9/11 to serve in the Marines. His childhood and high school years are focused on the singular goal of enlisting on his 18th birthday. But when he tries, Tony discovers he is an undocumented immigrant, a Dreamer. With grit, determination, and help from his family and community, Tony discovers a new mission: one that can make history, create more good, and inspire more change than he ever could as a Marine.

With an energetic score by the Ameri-Chicana singer-songwriter Carrie Rodriguez and exuberant choreography by Sergio Mejia, ¡Americano! challenges preconceived notions and reminds us that America’s strength has always been its melting pot, and the enterprising immigrants who #PaveTheWay.

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