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Annie Critics' Reviews

"Though the story may be familiar, director James Lapine's new production feels as fresh as a Lower East Side bialy on a Sunday morning."

Review by Jessica Shaw from Entertainment Weekly

"Infused with zip and charm by its sensational Annie, Noo-Yawk-tawkin’ Lilla Crawford, the show, slickly staged by James Lapine, tells you that any city or nation keeping faith with the future will rise again, come hell or high water."

Review by Peter Marks from The Washington Post

"For all the freight of timeliness, this remains a sweet spot of a family musical, full of adorable, but not sticky-adorable, waifs punching the air with their teeny fists and belting 'Tomorrow' over and over until every cynic within earshot might be a believer."

Review by Linda Winer from Newsday

"This enduring ode to optimism remains a sterling example of expert musical-theater craftsmanship."

Review by David Rooney from The Hollywood Reporter

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