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Annie, Palace Theatre, NYC Show Poster
Palace Theatre

1564 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

2hrs, 30mins
1 Intermission
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Sep 01, 2012
Oct 03, 2012
Nov 08, 2012
Jan 05, 2014
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An all-new production of one of the most acclaimed musicals of the past 35 years!

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What Is the Story of Annie?
Based on the popular comic strip, Annie tells the extraordinary story of a little orphan who spends ends up in the lap of luxury with Depression-era billionaire Oliver Warbucks. Unlike most of the other children at Miss Hannigan's orphanage, spunky Annie believes that her parents are still alive and will one day return to claim her. So when Mr. Warbucks offers to adopt her, she asks the most powerful man in America to help find her real mom and dad instead, and he agrees. Warbucks' whopping reward for Annie's parents attracts the attention of con artists Rooster, Lily and the wicked Miss Hannigan, who hatch a plot to kidnap Annie and take the $50,000 reward. But don't fret: This classic family musical has a happy ending for Annie, Daddy Warbucks and the whole gang.

Critics’ Reviews
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Though the story may be familiar, director James Lapine's new production feels as fresh as a Lower East Side bialy on a Sunday morning.

Review by Jessica Shaw from Entertainment Weekly

Infused with zip and charm by its sensational Annie, Noo-Yawk-tawkin’ Lilla Crawford, the show, slickly staged by James Lapine, tells you that any city or nation keeping faith with the future will rise again, come hell or high water.

Review by Peter Marks from The Washington Post

Frequently Asked Questions
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What Is Annie Like?
Annie is a big-time Broadway musical complete with lavish sets, striking choreography and terrific performances. Directed by Tony winner James Lapine, this revival has a darker and more realistic tone, but the story is still pure joy. Set in New York City around Christmas 1933, the show mixes fictional characters like Annie and Warbucks with real-life historical figures like President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The Tony-winning musical features classic tunes including "Tomorrow," "It's a Hard Knock Life" and "Easy Street." 

Is Annie Good for Kids?
Annie is the perfect Broadway musical for the whole family. The big revival features eight young actresses, an adorable dog and songs your child will sing for months to come. Miss Hannigan is still drunk and Rooster is still a bad guy, but children will find the show funny and silly, while adults enjoy the jokes on a different level, and everyone goes home feeling good about the bonds of family.