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Chicago's Melora Hardin Paints the Empire State Red

Okay, so maybe she’s didn’t paint the town red, but Melora Hardin sure turned NYC into a red-light district on February 6. Known to Broadway folk as the new Roxie Hart in Chicago (to the rest of the world, she’s the woman who plays Jan Levinson on The Office), Hardin and her hunky Chi-town chums daytripped to the top of the Empire State Building’s observation deck to commemmorate National Wear Red Day, a part of Go Red for Women's ongoing campaign to raise awareness of heart disease. Sporting a sleek red blazer, Hardin grabbed hold of the city’s most famous light switch, and quicker than you can say Moulin Rouge, the Empire State turned as red as a popsicle. We would've said a fire truck, but jeez, it was darn cold out!!! Now click
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