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Cherry Lane Theatre

Colin Quinn Unconstitutional

This show has closed.

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Colin Quinn Unconstitutional, Cherry Lane Theatre, NYC Show Poster
Cherry Lane Theatre

38 Commerce St.
New York, NY 10014

1hr. 10mins
0 Intermissions
Important Dates
Jul 04, 2013
Aug 08, 2013
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Saturday Night Live legend Colin Quinn presents his new comedy about the character of the nation.


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What Is the Story of Colin Quinn Unconstitutional?
In his new solo show, popular stand-up comedian and SNL veteran Colin Quinn tackles 226 years of American history in 70 minutes. Beginning with the U.S. Constitution’s preamble and going through the various amendments, Quinn takes apart the individual freedoms granted in the four-page (!) document and delves into such subjects as political correctness, class status and the judicial system. He also looks at the evolution of politics and political leaders, media outlets, popular celebrities, U.S. Presidents and why the Kardashians are the perfect embodiment of the American Dream.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Colin Quinn Unconstitutional Like?
Colin Quinn wants to know: “What is with The Constitution?” Prowling the intimate stage, Quinn is like the best teacher you've ever had, only a heck of a lot funnier. He takes a subject he loves and knows intimately and explains it to the audience in a way that makes it not only fun, but alive and relevant. Depending upon the audience's reactions, Quinn riffs on whatever subjects, under the general heading of the Constitution, come to mind. For anyone who’s a fan of smart political humor, Colin Quinn Unconstitutional makes for a cool and hilarious night at the theater.

Is Colin Quinn Unconstitutional Good for Kids?
Colin Quinn is definitely an adult comedian. Unconstitutional contains a lot of highbrow political humor that will go over young children’s heads and plenty of expletives, but more mature teenagers might appreciate the show’s humor and sassy tone.