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Golden Boy - Broadway

Lincoln Center Theater presents a revival of Clifford Odets' classic

Gangsters, Boxers and Bombshells: Meet the Incredible Cast of Broadway’s Golden Boy

Golden Boy- Danny Burstein
Tony nominee Danny Burstein is cast ast the title character's trainer, Tokio.

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The cast of Broadway's Golden Boy meets the press on October 25, 2012.


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Golden Boy- Seth Numrich- Yvonne Strahovski- Tony Shalhoub
Golden Boy- Danny Burstein
Golden Boy- Seth Numrich- Tony Shalhoub- Dagmara Dominczyk- Michael Aronov
Golden Boy- Dagmara Dominczyk
Golden Boy- Anthony Crivello- Ned Eisenberg- Danny Mastrogiorgio- Daniel Jenkins - Jonathan Hadary
Golden Boy-Barlett Sher- Jonathan Hadary- Ned Eisenberg
Golden Boy- Seth Numrich- Tony Shalhoub
Golden Boy- Barlett Sher and the Cast of Golden Boy