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In The Last Smoker in America, a dysfunctional family is struggling to survive in a world where smoking has recently been outlawed. Pam is having an impossible time trying to quit. Her husband Ernie dreams of being a rock star and relentlessly practices his electric guitar in the basement. Their teenage son Jimmy listens to so much rap music he’s convinced he’s black, while their nosy, anti-smoking zealot neighbor Phyllis lurks around trying to catch transgressors mid-puff.

This show is closed.

Performances ended on Sep. 1, 2012.

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About The Last Smoker in America

What is the Story of The Last Smoker in America?
Imagine waking up tomorrow, and your favorite vice has become illegal: That’s Pam’s reality in the new musical The Last Smoker in America. Pam is doing her best to quit smoking (or finding a way to sneak a cigarette that doesn’t land her in jail). Meanwhile, her husband still can’t find a job, and without his meds, her teenage son ranges from rapper to video game addict to cross-dresser. As if her family problems weren't enough, Pam’s next door neighbor Phyllis is a reformed smoker who, with the help of Jesus, will stop at nothing to rid America of its last smoker.


Farah Alvin
Natalie Venetia Belcon


Peter Melnick
Book and Lyrics
Bill Russell
Andy Sandberg
A.C. Ciulla
Set Designer
Charlie Corcoran
Costume Designer
Michael McDonald
Lighting Designers
Jeff Croiter and Grant Yeager
Sound Designer
Bart Fasbender
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