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Theatre Three at Theatre Row

Life Sucks

This show has closed.

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Life Sucks, Theatre Three at Theatre Row, NYC Show Poster
Theatre Three at Theatre Row

410 West 42nd Street
New York, NY 10036

Important Dates
Jun 04, 2019
Jun 19, 2019
Sep 01, 2019
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Aaron Posner's critically-acclaimed and irreverent contemporary remix of Uncle Vanya.

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In this brash reworking of Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya, a group of old friends, ex-lovers, estranged in-laws, and lifelong enemies gather to grapple with life’s thorniest questions—and each other. What could possibly go wrong? Incurably lustful and lonely, hapless and hopeful, these seven souls collide and stumble their way towards a new understanding that Life Sucks! Or does it?