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Shubert Theatre


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Memphis, Shubert Theatre, NYC Show Poster
Shubert Theatre

225 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10036

2hrs, 30mins
1 Intermission
Minimum age is 4 years old. Child must have a ticket.
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Aug 24, 2009
Sep 23, 2009
Oct 19, 2009
Aug 05, 2012
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Set in the turbulent south in the 1950s, Memphis is the story of Huey Calhoun, a white radio DJ whose love of good music transcends race lines and airwaves. Thanks in ...

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Memphis is set in the places where rock and roll was born in the 1950s: the seedy nightclubs, radio stations and recording studios of the musically-rich Tennessee city. With an original score, it tells the fictional story of DJ Huey Calhoun, a good ole’ local boy with a passion for R&B music and Felicia Farrell, an up-and-coming black singer that he meets one fateful night on Beale Street. Despite the objections of their loved ones (Huey’s close-minded mama and Felicia’s cautious brother, a club owner), they embark on a dangerous affair. As their careers rise, the relationship is challenged by personal ambition and the pressures of an outside world unable to accept their love.

Critics’ Reviews
for Memphis

The biggest hit on Broadway this year or any other year! See it even if you have to bribe somebody to get tickets.

Review by David Richardson from WOR Radio

I guarantee you a rambunctious good time!

Review by John Simon from Bloomberg

Frequently Asked Questions
about Memphis

What is Memphis Like?
This rollicking new musical is like a non-stop ball of energy. From the first notes of its electrifying opening number “Underground” right up to a rousing finale called “Steal Your Rock ‘n’ Roll,” Memphis delivers one energetic song after the next, with some of the best singing and dancing found on Broadway. Although the story deals with serious subjects regarding race, it’s never heavy-handed in the telling. It’s hard to imagine leaving Memphis without being lifted by its high-octane entertainment.

Is Memphis Good for Kids?
Breathe easy, parents! Other than a scene of violence involving a beating, Memphis is good, clean fun that sends theatergoers out on a positive message. Teenagers especially will appreciate the radio-ready songs by Bon Jovi keyboardist David Bryan and Joe DiPietro. Most likely, the whole family will rock and roll at Memphis.