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Oliver, Philip, and Sylvia are caught in a kind of erotic time warp. Their complex love triangle, replete with conflicting loyalties and passions, jumps from 1958 to the present and back in a maelstrom of fantasy, repression and rebellion in this innovative new drama.

This show is closed.

Performances ended on Mar. 28, 2010.

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Previews: Jan 27, 2010 • Opening: Feb 16, 2010 • Closing: Mar 28, 2010


What Is the Story of The Pride?
Jumping back and forth between time periods, The Pride weaves two stories of lust and betrayal using a mix of time travel and fantasty. The first story is set in 1958 and follows straight-laced real estate agent Philip, his anxiety-ridden wife Sylvia and young novelist Oliver as a guilt-ridden secret pairing between two of the three friends is formed. The second story, featuring three characters with the same names as the first, tells the modern-day tale of a sex-addicted writer and his struggle to find lasting love in the face of constant temptation. Swinging back and forth between the repression of the '50s and the hidden perils of sexual freedom in the new millenium, this drama wittily paints two pictures which both declare that love hurts and loyalty is frail.

Off-Broadway Plays Stars on Stage Drama

"“Alexi Kaye Campbell's play is such a tremendously rich and uplifting new work. Ben Whishaw and Hugh Dancy craft masterfully shaded dual roles, alternating the body language of the two periods quite confidently. No less effective is Andrea Riseborough playing both a woman trapped in a sham marriage and another on the cusp of true love. And Adam James hits delightful comic grace notes.”"

Time Out New York

David Cote

""A thrilling high-wire act. Some of the season's best acting. Simply astonishing.""

The New York Post

Elizabeth Vincentelli


Lucille Lortel Theatre
121 Christopher Street
New York, NY 10014
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