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Music Box Theatre

Private Lives

This show has closed.

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Private Lives, Music Box Theatre, NYC Show Poster
Music Box Theatre

239 West 45th Street
New York, NY 10036

2hrs. 30mins
1 Intermission
Important Dates
On Sale
Oct 30, 2011
Nov 06, 2011
Nov 17, 2011
Dec 31, 2011
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Kim Cattrall and Paul Gross star in the Broadway revival of Noel Coward's comic masterpiece.



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What Is the Story of Private Lives?
Private Lives begins at an elegant oceanside French hotel where, Amanda and Elyot, a divorced couple, have a chance run-in with each other while honeymooning with their new spouses. Their harsh tempers and incessant fighting originally drove them apart, but the couple admits they are still madly in love with each other. The pair decides to run away, ditching their new spouses without warning. When they hide out in Amanda’s Paris apartment, old habits emerge and they remember why they originally split up. Their new spouses catch up with them eventually in an attempt to sort out everything.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Private Lives Like?
First staged in the 1930s, Private Lives is very much a screwball comedy of the era. The first act takes place on an elegant hotel balcony, with the second and third acts unfolding in Amanda’s spacious, elaborately designed apartment. The characters spar with quick wit. One minute Amanda and Elyot are deeply in love, the next they’re ready to tear each other to shreds.

Is Private Lives Good for Kids?
Private Lives deals with adult issues that is probably not be suitable for children. The characters drink heavy amounts of alcohol and frequently smoke cigarettes. There is discussion of sexual activity and infidelities and frequently hurl insults at each other. There is also an instance of domestic abuse when the lovers quarrel and hit each other.