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Scandalous - Broadway

Carolee Carmello stars in this new musical co-written by Kathie Lee Gifford.

Carolee Carmello, Kathie Lee Gifford and More Celebrate Scandalous’ Heavenly Broadway Opening

Scandalous- Andrew Samonsky- Edward Watts
Lucky Carolee Carmello! In Scandalous, she gets to be married to both Andrew Samonsky and Edward Watts.

About This Gallery

The new musical Scandalous, starring Carolee Carmello, opened at Broadway's Neil Simon Theatre on November 15, 2012.

Photographer: Bruce Glikas, ©

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Scandalous-  George Hearn- Roz Ryan – Carolee Carmello- Candy Buckley- Edward Watts
Scandalous- Carolee Carmello
Scandalous- Candy Buckley
 Scandalous- David Friedman – Kathie Lee Gifford- David Pomeranz
Scandalous- David Armstrong- Lorin Latarro
Scandalous- Carolee Carmello
 Scandalous- George Hearn
Scandalous- Carolee Carmello- Kathie Lee Gifford
Scandalous- Andrew Samonsky- Edward Watts
Scandalous-  Willy Geist- Matt Lauer- Al Roker- Kathie Lee Gifford -Savannah Guthrie- Natalie Morales-  Hoda Kotb
Scandalous- Hoda Kotb- Aimee Semple’s Granddaughter- Kathie Lee Gifford
Scandalous-  Roz Ryan- Carolee Carmello
Scandalous- Kathie Lee Gifford- Liza Minnelli- Hoda Kotb- Kris Jenner
Scandalous- Michael Mayer- Lorin Latarro
Scandalous- Frank Gifford- Cassidy Gifford- Kathie Lee Gifford- Cody Gifford
Scandalous- Kathie Lee Gifford- Kris Jenner
 Scandalous- Bobbie Thomas
Scandalous- Eve Plumb
Scandalous- Theresa Rebeck
 Scandalous- Kathie Lee Gifford- Regis Philbin
Scandalous- Sara Haines
Scandalous-  Matt Lauer- Kathie Lee Gifford
Scandalous- Tom Hulce
Scandalous- Kathie Lee Gifford
Scandalous- Billie Wildrick- Betsy Struxness- Erica Dorfler
Scandalous- Stacia Fernandez- Joseph Dellger
Scandalous- David Friedman- George Hearn- David Pomeranz
Scandalous- Dan'yelle Williamson-Alison Luff-  Hannah Florence- Karen Hyland
Scandalous-  Roz Ryan- Kathie Lee Gifford - Carolee Carmello
Scandalous- Carlos L. Encinias – Jesse Nager- Corey Greenan
Scandalous- Sam Strasfield- Hannah Florence
Scandalous- Roz Ryan-  Jeffrey Finn- Carolee Carmello
Scandalous- Nick Cartell - Benjamin Howes- Joseph Dellger
Scandalous- Frank Gifford- Kathie Lee Gifford
Scandalous- Hoda Kotb- Kathie Lee Gifford
Scandalous- Roz Ryan- Lillias White
Scandalous- David Friedman - Carolee Carmello - Bruce Coughlin- David Pomeranz
Scandalous- Carolee Carmello- Zoe Edelman
Scandalous- Dan'yelle Williamson – family
Scandalous-- Carolee Carmello- Andrew Samonsky- Roz Ryan
Scandalous-  Kathie Lee Gifford-Jeffrey Finn
Scandalous-David Pomeranz- Jill Martin- David Friedman
Scandalous- Edward Watts - Kathie Lee Gifford
Scandalous- Carolee Carmello – Roz Ryan-  David Zippel- Michael Johnston
Scandalous- Kathie Lee Gifford- Joy Philbin- Regis Philbin
 Scandalous- Kathie Lee Gifford- Hoda Kotb
Scandalous- Neil Simon Theatre