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Scandalous - Broadway

Carolee Carmello stars in this new musical co-written by Kathie Lee Gifford.

Carolee Carmello, Kathie Lee Gifford and More Celebrate Scandalous’ Heavenly Broadway Opening

Scandalous- Dan'yelle Williamson-Alison Luff-  Hannah Florence- Karen Hyland
Get the Today style expert back here because the ladies of Scandalous look amazing! From left: Dan'yelle Williamson, Alison Luff, Hannah Florence and Karen Hyland.

About This Gallery

The new musical Scandalous, starring Carolee Carmello, opened at Broadway's Neil Simon Theatre on November 15, 2012.

Photographer: Bruce Glikas, ©

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Scandalous-  George Hearn- Roz Ryan – Carolee Carmello- Candy Buckley- Edward Watts
Scandalous- Carolee Carmello
Scandalous- Candy Buckley
 Scandalous- David Friedman – Kathie Lee Gifford- David Pomeranz
Scandalous- David Armstrong- Lorin Latarro
Scandalous- Carolee Carmello
 Scandalous- George Hearn
Scandalous- Carolee Carmello- Kathie Lee Gifford
Scandalous- Andrew Samonsky- Edward Watts
Scandalous-  Willy Geist- Matt Lauer- Al Roker- Kathie Lee Gifford -Savannah Guthrie- Natalie Morales-  Hoda Kotb
Scandalous- Hoda Kotb- Aimee Semple’s Granddaughter- Kathie Lee Gifford
Scandalous-  Roz Ryan- Carolee Carmello
Scandalous- Kathie Lee Gifford- Liza Minnelli- Hoda Kotb- Kris Jenner
Scandalous- Michael Mayer- Lorin Latarro
Scandalous- Frank Gifford- Cassidy Gifford- Kathie Lee Gifford- Cody Gifford
Scandalous- Kathie Lee Gifford- Kris Jenner
 Scandalous- Bobbie Thomas
Scandalous- Eve Plumb
Scandalous- Theresa Rebeck
 Scandalous- Kathie Lee Gifford- Regis Philbin
Scandalous- Sara Haines
Scandalous-  Matt Lauer- Kathie Lee Gifford
Scandalous- Tom Hulce
Scandalous- Kathie Lee Gifford
Scandalous- Billie Wildrick- Betsy Struxness- Erica Dorfler
Scandalous- Stacia Fernandez- Joseph Dellger
Scandalous- David Friedman- George Hearn- David Pomeranz
Scandalous- Dan'yelle Williamson-Alison Luff-  Hannah Florence- Karen Hyland
Scandalous-  Roz Ryan- Kathie Lee Gifford - Carolee Carmello
Scandalous- Carlos L. Encinias – Jesse Nager- Corey Greenan
Scandalous- Sam Strasfield- Hannah Florence
Scandalous- Roz Ryan-  Jeffrey Finn- Carolee Carmello
Scandalous- Nick Cartell - Benjamin Howes- Joseph Dellger
Scandalous- Frank Gifford- Kathie Lee Gifford
Scandalous- Hoda Kotb- Kathie Lee Gifford
Scandalous- Roz Ryan- Lillias White
Scandalous- David Friedman - Carolee Carmello - Bruce Coughlin- David Pomeranz
Scandalous- Carolee Carmello- Zoe Edelman
Scandalous- Dan'yelle Williamson – family
Scandalous-- Carolee Carmello- Andrew Samonsky- Roz Ryan
Scandalous-  Kathie Lee Gifford-Jeffrey Finn
Scandalous-David Pomeranz- Jill Martin- David Friedman
Scandalous- Edward Watts - Kathie Lee Gifford
Scandalous- Carolee Carmello – Roz Ryan-  David Zippel- Michael Johnston
Scandalous- Kathie Lee Gifford- Joy Philbin- Regis Philbin
 Scandalous- Kathie Lee Gifford- Hoda Kotb
Scandalous- Neil Simon Theatre