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Cort Theatre

Stick Fly

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Stick Fly, Cort Theatre, NYC Show Poster
Cort Theatre

138 West 48th Street
New York, NY 10036

Important Dates
Nov 18, 2011
Dec 08, 2011
Feb 26, 2012
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An affluent African American family who come together to spend a weekend at their stately Martha's Vineyard mansion in Lydia R. Diamond's contemporary family comedy of manners.

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What Is the Story of Stick Fly?
The affluent, African-American LeVay family is gathering at their Martha’s Vineyard home for the weekend, and brothers Kent and Flip have each brought their respective ladies home to meet the parents for the first time. Kent’s fiancée Taylor, an academic whose absent father was a prominent author, struggles to fit into the LeVay's upper-crust lifestyle. Kimber, on the other hand, is a self-described WASP who works with inner-city school children, fits in more easily with the family. Joining these two couples are the demanding LeVay patriarch Joe and Cheryl, the daughter of the family’s longtime housekeeper. As the two newcomers butt heads over issues of race and privilege, longstanding family tensions bubble under the surface and reach a boiling point when secrets are revealed.

Critics’ Reviews
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Stick Fly is never dull, and Mr. Leon's cast breathes life into even the most predictable scenes.

Review by Terry Teachout from The Wall Street Journal

Stick Fly packs plenty of backhand shots, power plays and face-offs.

Review by Joe Dziemianowicz from New York Daily News

Frequently Asked Questions
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What Is Stick Fly Like?
If there is a play that fits the mash-up term “dramedy," it’s Stick Fly. Family conversations about race and privilege may get heated but they are never without humor and never fail to be thought-provoking. The set allows the audience to see multiple rooms and an exterior patio at once, so a lot of action in the house is visible between scenes, accompanied by a score from producer Alicia Keys. That creates a fly-on-the-wall feeling as the scenes bounce from one-on-one exchanges between the show’s couples to awkward group encounters over morning coffee and the aforementioned heated racial debates over an evening game of Trivial Pursuit.

Is Stick Fly Good for Kids?
A few well-chosen four-letter words are the most obviously objectionable content in Stick Fly. On a thematic level, family tension and race relations are pretty heady topics for youngsters, as are several surprising revelations to do with sex and paternity. Teenagers, however, would likely find the topics engaging, and there are more than enough laughs to keep them interested throughout the show’s nearly three-hour running time.