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The Addams Family - Broadway

The bizarre and beloved family comes to the Broadway stage in a new musical

A Work of Art! Join Brooke Shields and Roger Rees For a Guided Tour of The Addams Family Art Show

Addams art – Reed Kelly
Ensemble member Reed Kelly shows off a piece titled “Weekend at Bernice’s.”

About This Gallery

The cast of The Addams Family holds a backstage art festival.

Photographer: Bruce Glikas, ©

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Addams art – Roger Rees- Brooke Shields
Addams art – Brooke Shields
Addams art – Douglas Sills – Sarah Gettelfinger
Addams art – Roger Rees
Addams art –Sarah Gettelfinger –Douglas Sills 2
Addams art – Jim Borstelmann
Addams art – Jessica Lea Patty
Addams art – Brooke Shields
Addams art - Sarah Gettelfinger - Brooke Shields
Addams art – Roger Rees – Douglas Sills
Addams art – Sarah Gettelfinger – Douglas Sills – Adam Riegler
Addams art – Reed Kelly
Addams art – Roger Rees  -Sarah Gettelfinger  -Brooke Shields – Douglas Sills