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The Addams Family - Broadway

The bizarre and beloved family comes to the Broadway stage in a new musical

A Work of Art! Join Brooke Shields and Roger Rees For a Guided Tour of The Addams Family Art Show

Addams art – Roger Rees- Brooke Shields
At The Addams Family art show, Roger Rees and Brooke Shields take in a portrait featuring co-star Jackie Hoffman's head placed on Shields' body in her famous Calvin Klein ad. The piece was created by their onstage son, Adam Riegler.

About This Gallery

The cast of The Addams Family holds a backstage art festival.

Photographer: Bruce Glikas, ©

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Addams art – Roger Rees- Brooke Shields
Addams art – Brooke Shields
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Addams art – Roger Rees
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Addams art – Brooke Shields
Addams art - Sarah Gettelfinger - Brooke Shields
Addams art – Roger Rees – Douglas Sills
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Addams art – Roger Rees  -Sarah Gettelfinger  -Brooke Shields – Douglas Sills