The Times They Are A Changin' Photos

Uniquely connecting the worlds of music, theatre and dance, The Times They Are A Changin' is a fresh exploration of the timeless tale of a young man's coming of age told through the classic songs of music icon Bob Dylan and the bold visual imagination of legendary choreographer and theatre icon Twyla Tharp. The new musical is set within a low-rent traveling circus run by Captain A-rab, whose wagon hasn't moved from its location in some time — though not by lack of effort from his ragtag band of clowns and performers. One such performer is the animal trainer Cleo, a young woman exploited by Capt. A-rab and loved by his son, Coyote. Coyote longs for a world outside the confines of the family business, and as the circus show plays out, he must decide whether to flee or stay, and if he does stay, how to inspire change within the troupe.

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