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The Front Page
The Front Page, Broadhurst Theatre, NYC Show Poster

The Front Page

Broadhurst Theatre

2hrs, 45mins (2 Intermissions)

This show has closed.

Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur's classic 1928 comedy is now on Broadway starring Nathan Lane, John Slattery and John Goodman.

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235 West 44th Street
New York, NY
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Important Dates

Sep 20, 2016
Oct 20, 2016
Jan 29, 2017

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for The Front Page

The press room of Chicago’s Criminal Courts Building is buzzing with reporters covering the story of an escaped prisoner. When star reporter Hildy Johnson accidentally discovers the runaway convict, he and his editor Walter Burns conspire to hide the man from the other reporters, while they chase the biggest scoop of their careers.

The New York Times cheers The Front Page is a hyped-up, four letter hymn to the obsessiveness of the ink-stained muckraker, a marvel of intricate locomotive parts. Nathan Lane is spectacular. He is all but setting fire to the stage.” New York Magazine raves “The Front Page knocks ‘em dead! A top-notch production of a blistering newsroom classic. Nathan Lane is a time bomb onstage, with no fuse and an infinite payload.” Time Out New York calls it “a summit of American screwball comedy.” And The Huffington Post writes “That’s not the sound of a fleet of flivvers backfiring that you hear on West 44th Street these nights. It’s laughter, cascading and echoing like bullets from tommy guns. The Front Page is back on Broadway, as rip-roaring as ever, and played by the best comic actors in captivity.”


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A summit of American screwball comedy!

Review by David Cote from Time Out New York

Jack O'Brien directs an impeccable revival that delights in the tasteless vulgarity of that fabled era.

Review by Marilyn Stasio from Variety

Nathan Lane all but sets fire to the stage.

Review by Ben Brantley from The New York Times


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Sheriff Hartman
Walter Burns
Hildy Johnson
Mollie Malloy
Mrs. Grant
Mr. Pincus
Robert Morse
Patricia Conolly
Peggy Grant
Halley Feiffer
The Mayor
Dann Florek
Joe Frobrich
A Boy Scout
Richard Gallagher
Earl Williams
John Magaro
Michael X. Martin
Diamond Louie
Danny Mastrogiorgio
A Sailor
Drew McVety
David Pittu
Joey Slotnick
Second Policeman
Jonathan Spivey
Woodenshoes Eichom
Micah Stock
Clarke Thorell
Tony Ward


for The Front Page
Written by
Ben Hecht and Charles MacArthur
Jack O'Brien
Set Designer
Douglas W. Schmidt
Costume Designer
Ann Roth
Lighting Designer
Brian MacDevitt
Sound Designer
Scott Lehrer