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Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater

Greater Clements

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Greater Clements, Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater, NYC Show Poster
Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater

150 West 65th Street
New York, NY 10023

Important Dates
Nov 14, 2019
Dec 09, 2019
Jan 19, 2020
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Judith Ivey stars in Samuel D. Hunter's new play.

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Greater Clements follow the once-proud mining town of Clements, Idaho, which is rapidly disintegrating. As Maggie prepares to close one of the town's last remaining businesses, a visitor arrives on her doorstep, resurrecting long-buried hope and shame rooted in her family's past and the town's history. Now, for the first time in nearly 50 years, Maggie is forced to consider if the life she envisioned for herself at 17 might still be possible today.

Cast & Creative
for Greater Clements


  • Maggie
    Judith Ivey
  • Performer
    James Saito
  • Performer
    Edmund Donovan
  • Performer
    Andrew Garman
  • Performer
    Nina Hellman
  • Performer
    Kate MacCluggage
  • Performer
    Haley Sakamoto


  • Written by
    Samuel D. Hunter
  • Director
    Davis McCallum
  • Set Designer
    Dane Laffrey
  • Costume Designer
    Kaye Voyce
  • Lighting Designer
    Yi Zhao
  • Original Music and Sound Designer
    Fitz Patton