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Top Questions Broadway Ticket Buyers Ask

Last updated May 6, 2024 by Broadway.com Staff
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We've been selling tickets on Broadway.com for over 24 years and we've gotten all sorts of questions over the years. Here are the ten questions that we've been asked more than any others.

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Are my seats together?

Yes. Most Broadway theaters number their theaters in a non-conventional fashion, with even numbered seats on one side and odd number seats on the other and squential numbering in the center. So if you have seats 5 & 7, or 4 & 6, or 114 and 115, they are immediately next to one another!

Broadway theater diagram illustrating odd/even seating layout
Seats in some Broadway theater sections may only contain odd or even numbers, while center sections tend to be numbered sequentially.

Is there an age limit to attend performances?

Yes. The general rule is that Broadway theaters do not allow anyone under the age of four to attend. A few theaters restrict to 5 years and under. Also, everyone is required to hold a ticket for their own seat. Check out our complete guide to bringing kids to Bringing Kids to Broadway Shows.

What is a "preview" performance?

Preview performances are early in a show's Broadway run and allow the cast and creative team a chance to fine tune the production prior to opening night. Changes may be implemented during this time period before the show is "frozen" shortly before opening. The announced cast is scheduled to appear during these performances.

Is there a dress code?

No. Broadway has long dispensed with traditional dress codes, freeing audience members to choose attire that best suits their personal style and comfort.

Will the theater hold my bags?

No. Unfortunately, luggage, shopping bags, and other large packages that will not fit comfortably with you at your seat will not be able to be checked or allowed inside the theater.

Can I bring my own food and drinks?

No. Unfortunately, Broadway theaters will not permit outside food or beverages. However, almost every theater will have food and drinks for sale when the house opens and also at intermission.

What time should I arrive for my performance?

Typically we suggest 20-30 minutes ahead of performance time. Doors generally open approximately 45 minutes prior to the performance. This allows time to get through security, find your seats, and familiarize yourself with the theater layout.

Some shows have pre-show activities or merchandise available, so arriving early gives you the opportunity to explore these options.

Is there parking near my venue?

Yes. Times Square offers a host of parking options. For a complete list, check out Parking Garages Near Broadway Theaters.

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