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Bringing Kids to Broadway Shows

Last updated Nov. 1, 2023 by Staff
Illustration of Broadway theater goers waiting on line outside a Broadway theater.
Illustration: Jillian Goeler

The golden rule: every child is unique and you know your children best. Going to a Broadway show with young children isn't different than going to any other event where those around you have spent a good amount of money with the hopes of having an uninterupted, immersive experience.

However, there are a few unique tips that are worth pointing out that specifically pertain to Broadway.

What You'll Learn About

Age Limits and Recommendations

Children under 4 years old are generally not permitted in most Broadway theaters. There are a handful of shows that restrict to slighter higher ages.

Beyond age limits, the producers of Broadway shows have also created "recommended age" guidelines for each show that do their best to ensure children will be able to understand and appreciate the material on stage. For a complete list of shows recommended for 10 year-olds and younger, head to our The Best Broadway Shows For Kids.

Booster Seats

Most theaters offer booster seats. They tend to be stored in a single place within the theater so be sure to ask an usher when you arrive for assistance.

Pro Tip: Booster seats generally fit underneath seats, so even if you're not sure if your child would use it, some people store one "just in case".

Sensory Considerations

Keep in mind that Broadway shows can occassionally be overwhelming for sensory-sensitive children. Even shows suitable for younger children often feature bright lights, loud music and unexpected sounds. Others can be fast-paced in a way that may be difficult to process. Some productions will issue specific warnings about additional content to be aware of. If a show you are considering contains strobe lights, mature content or other elements that may not be considered kid-friendly, it will be noted on that show's information page.

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