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Ethel Barrymore Theatre

The Band's Visit

This show has closed.

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The Band's Visit, Ethel Barrymore Theatre, NYC Show Poster
Ethel Barrymore Theatre

243 West 47th Street
New York, NY 10036

1hr, 30mins
0 Intermissions
Important Dates
Oct 07, 2017
Nov 09, 2017
Apr 07, 2019
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The winner of 10 Tony Awards including Best Musical.

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Spend an evening in the company of unforgettable strangers at The Band’s Visit—now one of the most celebrated musicals ever. It rejoices in the way music brings us to life, brings us to laughter, brings us to tears, and ultimately, brings us together.

In an Israeli desert town where every day feels the same, something different is suddenly in the air. Dina, the local café owner, had long resigned her desires for romance to daydreaming about exotic films and music from her youth. When a band of Egyptian musicians shows up lost at her café, she and her fellow locals take them in for the night. Under the spell of the night sky, their lives intertwine in unexpected ways, and this once sleepy town begins to wake up.

Critics’ Reviews
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It's time to fall in love again! One of the most ravishing musicals you will ever be seduced by.

Review by Ben Brantley from The New York Times

Worlds collide, and hearts and minds open. It's ravishing! Unlike any musical I've ever seen.

Review by Adam Green from Vogue