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Orpheum Theatre


Stomp , Orpheum Theatre, NYC Show Poster
Orpheum Theatre

126 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10003

1hr, 45mins
No Intermission
Important Dates
Feb 27, 1994
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A high-energy, percussive symphony, coupled with dance, played entirely on unconventional instruments.

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Stomp is a joyful, witty and wordless show that has been seen all over the world. An eight-member cast with energy to burn creates beautiful music and sly humor with found objects: Zippo lighters, push brooms, wooden poles, hammer handles, garbage cans, inner tubes, matchboxes—and yes, even the kitchen sink. There’s no traditional narrative; both household and industrial objects find new life as musical instruments in this unique combination of percussion, movement and visual comedy. It is a journey through sound, a celebration of the everyday and a comic interplay of characters wordlessly communicating through dance and drum.

Cast & Creative


  • Performer
    Fiona Wilkes
  • Performer
    Alan Asuncion
  • Performer
    Dustin Elsea
  • Performer
    Fritzlyn Hector
  • Performer
    Joseph Russomano
  • Performer
    Billy Hickling
  • Performer
    Michelle Dorrance
  • Performer
    Lance Liles
  • Performer
    Marivaldo Dos Santos
  • Performer
    Brad Holland
  • Performer
    Jason Mills
  • Performer
    Yako Miyamoto
  • Performer
    Dan Weiner


  • Creators and Directors
    Lucas Cresswell and Steve McNicholas
  • Lighting Designer
    Steve McNicholas and Neil Tiplady

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Stomp Like?
Stomp is like a party hosted by eight different and compelling personalities ranging from intense and ferocious to deadpan and sarcastic. There is some audience participation, though no one is singled out. A few parts of the show get loud, but the majority of it is comfortable for most audiences. It runs 100 intermission-less minutes.

Is Stomp Good for Kids?
Absolutely. The humor and fun are accessible to all audiences, from kids to grandparents.

*Please note: Children under the age of 4 will not be admitted.