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Parking Near Broadway Theaters

Last updated June 16, 2023 by Staff
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Times Square is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. But for drivers, it can also be one of the most challenging places to navigate. With its bright lights, towering billboards, and swarms of pedestrians, Times Square is a sensory overload that can be overwhelming for even the most experienced drivers. Fret not, though. We have some driving and parking advice to help make your travels to one of the many iconic Broadway theaters smooth sailing.

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Driving Around Times Square

Times Square spans several blocks between 42nd and 47th Streets, so expect heavy traffic and congestion throughout the area. Avoid driving through if possible, especially during peak hours. With thick crowds on the sidewalks, drive slowly and be vigilant for pedestrians crossing. Obey traffic directors and signals. Several main thoroughfares intersect Times Square, including 7th Ave, Broadway, and 42nd Street. Know where you need to turn ahead of time. The area is very walkable, so might be best to avoid driving through the heart of Times Square where possible. Consider parking further away.

Parking in Times Square

On-street parking is extremely limited and metered. Expect to pay up to $5 for 15-20 minutes. Parking garages are plentiful but often range between $40-$50 for just a few hours. Popular garages include Times Square Parking (717 7th Ave) and Icon Parking (251 W 50th St). For more affordable rates, look for garages a few blocks away from the center of Times Square, like Central Parking (358 W 51st St). Try parking apps like SpotHero to reserve spots in advance at discounted rates. Lock in your spot and avoid circling for parking. Staying at a hotel in the area? Check with your hotel if they offer parking and ask if they offer guests a discounted rate. 

Times Square Parking Garages

To help avoid driving around looking for on-street parking, we suggest parking in one of the many parking garages in and around the area. Times Square has dozens of parking garages available. Here is a quick list of parking garage companies and their locations.

Advance Parking

  • 253 W 43rd St

Central Parking System

  • 271 W 47th St
  • 257-259 W 47th St
  • 155 W 48th St
  • 250 W 50th St
  • 253 W 47th St
  • 870-888 Eighth Ave

Champion Parking

  • 251 W 45th St

Garage Management Corp.

  • 148-154 W 48th St
  • 225 W 49th St

Icon Parking

  • 305 W 50th St
  • 790 Eighth Ave
  • 227 W 48th St
  • 810 Seventh Ave
  • 145 W 47th St
  • 851-859 Eighth Ave
  • 235 W 48th St
  • 1515 Broadway
  • 200-206 W 52nd St
  • 140-166 W 53rd St

Manhattan Parking West 45th Street

  • 120 W 45th St

Marriot Marquis Hotel

  • 1535 Broadway

Meyers Parking, Inc

  • 146-150 W 44th St

Quik Park

  • 223 W 46th St
  • 1633 Broadway
  • 305 W 46th St

Resource Parking

  • 164 W 46th St

Times Square Parking

  • 250 W 43rd St
  • 333 W 46 St Corp
  • 333 W 46th St

52 Broadway Garage Corp.

  • 1675 Broadway


Driving and parking in Times Square takes strategy and flexibility. With limited on-street options and numerous garages to choose, it's ideal to avoid driving through the area if possible, especially during peak congestion. With a little planning, you can navigate Times Square and find parking without too much trouble. Just be patient, and be aware of your surroundings. With its unmatched sights and experiences, Times Square is worth a visit - just leave the driving headaches behind!

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