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A Guide to Broadway Stage Doors

Last updated May 15, 2024 by Staff
Illustration of a Broadway stage door with people waiting outside.
Illustration: Jillian Goeler

Thanks to the up-close nature of theater, fans often have the opportunity to greet their favorite performers after the show at the theater’s stage door. Here’s a few things to keep in mind about this unique experience:

  • Plan ahead! Most stage doors are located just to the side of the theater’s main entrance and are marked with a small sign identifying them. Keep an eye out when you arrive so you know where to go after the show.

  • Some stage doors will have barricades set up, which both helps you locate where to wait and makes it easier for performers to say hello.

  • Having your Playbill ready to sign is a great way to break the ice with actors and the perfect time to drop a compliment or ask a question.

  • Be prepared for some star power! It's not uncommon for the biggest names on Broadway to visit with fans after the performance.

  • Not all performers will participate in greeting fans after each performance, and if they do, they might stick to a quick chat.

  • Each Broadway theater and production manages its stage door in a different way, sometimes down to which performers greet audiences when. Fortunately, a community of Broadway fans curates an up-to-date Q&A by show. For specifics about individual stage doors, head here.

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