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New World Stages - Stage Three

Avenue Q

This show has closed.

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Avenue Q, New World Stages - Stage Three, NYC Show Poster
New World Stages - Stage Three

340 West 50th Street
New York, NY 10019

2hrs, 15mins
1 Intermission
Important Dates
Oct 09, 2009
May 26, 2019
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The Tony-Award winning musical that is part flesh, part felt and packed with heart.

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Tony-winning musical Avenue Q is the hilarious and heartfelt story of a bright-eyed college grad who comes to New York with big dreams and little money. He can only afford to live on Avenue Q but—good news!—his neighbors turn out to be a remarkably funny bunch of characters.

Critics’ Reviews
for Avenue Q

Jason Moore's energetic staging actually looks better in a smallish off-Broadway house than it did in the 800-seat John Golden Theatre.

Review by Terry Teachout from The Wall Street Journal

They may have no legs of their own, but darned if those fuzzy creatures aren’t still standing, long after more full-bodied competition has bitten the dust.

Review by Ben Brantley from The New York Times

Frequently Asked Questions
about Avenue Q

What is Avenue Q Like?
Picture a grown-up episode of Sesame Street, with satirical songs (“It Sucks To Be Me”) and jokes replacing preschool-style banter. The actors remain visible at all times and mimic the action of their puppets, adding yet another level of humor. Avenue Q is fast-moving and laugh-packed, particularly for audiences willing to embrace its rebellious, politically incorrect spirit.

Is Avenue Q Good for Kids?
In spite of the presence of Henson-esque puppets, Avenue Q is not a children’s musical. Explicit language is used throughout, two of the puppet characters have sex onstage, one character wrestles with his sexuality and one dirty ditty declares, “The internet is for porn.” Older teenagers will enjoy the show because it tackles issues of growing up and leaving home, but parents should use discretion in deciding whether their kids are mature enough for Avenue Q.